Arson Hotline

Help Us Stop Arson

99% of all wildfires are preventable. We ask that West Virginia residents and visitors help us stop dangerous practices or malicious intent by using safe burning practices and reporting suspicious activity.

Call 1-800-233-FIRE to submit arson information.

For immediate assistance with a current wildfire, call 911!

Intentional Fires

Fires by Landowners

While some fires are started with malicious intent by arsonists, many are actually the result of misled landowners, working under misconceptions that fire will drive away poisonous snakes or rid their property of unwanted briars and underbrush. These common myths have led to the destruction of thousands of acres of forested land. After the fire has ravaged their land, landowners find that the snakes merely go underground until the fire has passed, and the briars they sought to destroy only grow back thicker after being burned.

Fires by Arsonists

Arsonists are those that intentionally set fire to property. They pose a unique danger to the state because they have no regard for the safety of others or respect for other people’s property. Arson fires are most often set in isolated areas and are difficult for fire crews to locate and control. Willfully setting fire is a felony and punishable by a fine and/or prison sentence.

Contact about Arson

West Virginia Forestry Association offers up to a $2,500.00 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of arsonists who have willingly and maliciously set fire to West Virginia lands.

Call 1-800-233-FIRE to submit arson information.

For immediate assistance with a current wildfire, call 911!

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